Stükenberg New Music Monthly


Any band can go on tour. Only a few can make your jaw drop, your knees wobble, and your eyes bleed.

Unfortunately we don't have any shows planned at this time. But soon. Very soon...


We usually just record sounds but sometimes our
faces just have to get in on the act.

No Home - from "Novella"
No Home
Sunday Morning
The Trailer Song


You can never truly know where you are going
until you know where you are from.

November 12, 2013
1. Prayer 37
2. Accomplice
3. All the Same
4. Brighter from Here
5. No Home
6. Eliza
7. Hero
8. He's the Night
9. So Am I
10. Beuland
11. Seasons
12. Siah's Instrumental
13. Failure
Buy In (EP - Volume One)
October 18, 2011
1. Intro
2. Better Off Alone
3. Blue Collar
4. To Whom It May Concern
5. Favorite No One
6. Make Them Love Me
7. Commerical/Secret Tidbits
8. In Closing
The Silo Project
February 20, 2010
1. Concussions in Heaven
2. Gravel and Pavement
3. World Peace
4. Equation
5. The Waltz (Oneritaxia)
6. Intermission
7. Forgiveness
8. Letter to a Televangelist
    (Prove me Wrong)
9. Conversation #12
10. Towers
11. Half as Good
12. Never Enough
Mountain of Pieces
August 12, 2008
1. Don't Mind
2. Fights
3. Hide & Seek
4. I See
5. February 20th
6. Hypothesis
7. Half Empty
8. Senses
9. Starbuck Algeria
10. Mrs. Bakers Pew
11. Backslide
12. Otherwise

With a sound self-characterized as Appalachian Rock, David Stükenberg
strides a few steps ahead of the music scene, both in lyric and in a sound original to the artist himself. Stükenberg's recent release, Novella, capitalizes on the Appalachian tradition of storytelling with its fictionalized musical narrative, consolidating influences and anecdotes from David's past into a distilled series of stories and thought-provoking scenarios. With a musical backdrop teetering between early Fleetwood Mac's eerie backwoods melodies and the distorted, almost-Pentecostal energy of a church service led by Rage Against the Machine, the album grabs your attention and simply wont let go.